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Every day, our 12,000+ members make a lasting mark in their businesses, communities and regions through their passion, leadership and innovation. As such, they deserve to be recognized for their successes; we take the opportunity to do that here.

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As part of an exclusive community of young and successful entrepreneurs, our members are making an impact in their businesses, industries and regions on a daily basis, while serving as ambassadors of entrepreneurship. In its role as a global association of entrepreneurs, EO tracks its members’ success and honors their accomplishments as they continue to make a difference in business and beyond.

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Through our global programs, events and initiatives, EO is consisten​tly impacting businesses and communities in all corners of the world, resulting in a variety of media coverage from a growing number of reputable outlets. You can find our latest media mentions below.

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Throughout the year, we celebrate the impact of our members as they achieve new levels of success and significance in business and beyond. Our members create a constant flow of news on a daily basis, all of which speak to their commitment to entrepreneurial excellence. Learn more about our members’ activities below.

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EO chapter and forums are an excellent outlet for all Entrepreneurs to share and learn. When you think you’ve reached your limits, they help you look beyond and add further value.
Kapil GuptaEO Gurgaon

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